Tomáš Kostrzeva is a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer with experience in Visual Identity, Art Direction, and Editorial Design.

He has 7+ years of experience working as an Art Director in several advertising agencies. Currently working as a Freelance Graphic Designer located in Bratislava, Slovakia.
His creative journey started on a carpet in his room. Tomáš starts challenging his creativity as a young kid spending endless hours playing with Lego construction sets. Later, he found passion in drawing logos for imaginary companies. When he was 14, he dived deep into Photoshop and starts exploring the code, programming his first websites. 

With his passion, natural curiosity, and empathic approach to problem-solving, he helps clients communicate and transform their ideas, into appealing Visual Systems. Tomáš believes that cooperation, together with a deep understanding of the problem, the audience, and the goal is a key to developing effective and sustainable design solutions.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Design, Art Direction, Motion Design, Product Design, Creative Coding

Selected Clients: 
LGPMB Gallery, TEDxBratislava, Sa Taronja, Jakub Vencl, ESET, Elesko, JTRE Real Estate, MultiSport.
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