Rozeta (eng: Rosette) is a community of artists from Ružomberok, Slovakia, founded by artists Ján Kudlička and Pavol Rusko in the 1990s. The catalogue contains a selection of artworks made by Rozeta artists, which were exhibited in Liptovská Galéria Petra Michala Bohúňa and Východoslovenská Galéria in Košice.

Book Design | Editorial | Print
The motif on the front cover is made from the historic photo of a church originally built in the old village taking place in the heart of Liptovská Mara Lake before it was flooded.

In order to create this striped motif, I built a custom tool in Processing, with which I was able to create different rhythmical variations of motives by stretching the pixels from the right edge of the photo. 
Created in 2022 for Liptovská Galéria Petra Michala Bohúňa.

Photography © Jakub Majerčiak.

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