Logo of Sa Taronja Mallorca in Sand color over the green olives on the background
Sa Taronja is a unique place with a beautiful history. It was one of the first chicken farms in Europe, later bought by a German painter, who decided to establish a Cultural Centre in the beautiful surroundings of Andratx, Mallorca. Nowadays, Sa Taronja is under construction and will serve as the unique combination of Co-working space with ateliers for rent and a Bio Farm.

Our task was to create a Visual Identity and presentational Web site. The main element of the identity is the logotype, with the letter O replaced with a hand-drawn spiral in the shape of an egg. The spiral as the symbol of creation speaks directly to the creative-minded people and the shape refers to the history of this unique place.
Geometry and construction of a hand-drawn egg in the logo of Sa Taronja
Colorful Business Cards for brand Sa Taronja
Sa Taronja Stationery, green envelope and pen, sand paper letterhead and orange mug
Paper tapes from visual identity for the Sa Taronja brand on the lime stone background
Sa Taronja tote bag, notepad and colorful pencils on lime stone background
Homepage of a Sa Taronja website

Accounting: Tomáš Paluš 
Strategy Direction: Matúš Granec 
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Tomáš Kostrzeva 
Programming: Bohuš Potočňák

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