BKIS logo with Danube pattern flowing through the Bratislava map
BKIS is the main event organizing center in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. The role of BKIS is to bring life to the city, providing programs, services, and products in the fields of culture, tourism, sports, and social life.

Therefore, I choose the river Danube as the main element of a new Visual Identity. The river is depicted with three parallel lines with the curve of the section flowing through the city. These lines create a distinct pattern that is present across all printed materials along with the acronym-based geometric logo.
Bratislava the capital of Slovakia, bridges over the Danube river
BKIS stationery proposal visual identity. Red envelopes with Danube pattern with letterhead, over the wooden dot background
BKIS visual identity proposal stationery - folder with Danube pattern with navy blue interior
Tote bags for Bratislava culture and informational center visual identity proposal with a map combined with logo, Danube pattern
Red and navy Business Cards for BKIS visual identity proposal on the white thick stock paper
BKIS visual identity proposal various stationery application of logo with Danube pattern
The typeface used in this project is made by CarnokyType.

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